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Flyer Pride

The goal of Flyer Pride is to build a positive learning environment by providing a clear and consistent system of expected behaviors for the entire district. The four core tenets of Flyer Pride are Respect, Responsibility, Positive Attitude, and Safety. Flyer Pride is embedded in everything we do; in fact, it is who we are!

This common language is consistent for our students throughout the district and all students are taught how to exhibit Flyer Pride throughout school: in classrooms, hallways, school grounds, commons, during activities and assemblies, and with technology and social media. You can see examples of Flyer Pride exhibited in every building and program in the district. Ask any student and they can tell you the four core tenets of Flyer Pride.

Staff are expected to model Flyer Pride with students and each building has different ways to encourage and reward positive examples of Flyer Pride.